Meanwhile, back at the ranch

It didn’t always go equally smooth during our first threesome, but it sure was awesome!

We didn't always know what we were doing
during our first threesome...

So it took a few weeks of going back and forth with people on Adult FriendFinder to find somebody that was just right to have our first threesome with, but it was well worth the wait!
This lady was more looking for a long term male partner, but didn’t mind a fun adventure with a couple in the meantime.

first encounter

After contacting each other through email and chatting on the phone, we took her to dinner, and things clicked right away. The wine took some of the awkwardness away, and when desert came I put a spoon full of whipped cream on my wife’s cleavage. Her initial protests turned into amused groans when our date rose to the challenge and took her time getting it all off with her lips and tongue. You should’ve seen the looks of the people at the tables around us! We hurried to pay the bill before they had a chance to kick us out, and all three of us were playfully groping each other on the way to the car.

Let the fun begin!

It never hurts to be prepared, and we had booked a room at a local hotel that had a nice big tub that afternoon, just in case.
Boy, did that work out well! We were all so in tune we did not really need to make excuses to go to the hotel, and once up there started filling up the tub. No time was wasted waiting for it to finish, most clothes were off by the time the water was halfway up!
I’m not going to lie and say every move was as well choreographed as in professional porn flicks, but let’s just say that for every awkward bump there were at least two that rocked!

The tub was a lot of fun also, and we learned the hard way to not fill it up too much, with all the action in there the water splashed all over the place!

We had two more encounters, one in the very same hotel room, until one day she found her long term male partner, but she wasn’t the only one who kept looking.
This lady on Adult FriendFinder actually contacted us; she found us on the site and thought we’d be fun to play with! And though we did not think much of her when we viewed her profile, she turned out to be a winner!