We spiced up our sexlife by having other ladies join us. Here’s how it happened.

We built up a foundation of trust during over a decade of being happily married.

One day we took that trust for a ride to the nearest strip club, and a whole new world opened up, in many delicious ways!

We’ll tell you about most of those ways in later installments, but the thing about this is that every step on the road to a threesome is enjoyable, so let me tell you what happened on our first step when we both discovered the delights of strippers.

The first step is the softest

My wife had some tantalizing adventures with a girl in high school, but since we started dating it had just been the two of us. She was understandably timid when she got her first lapdance, but the stripper grabbed her hands, put them against her naked breasts, and that was it! She loved the feeling of soft woman’s curves, the friendly sensual attention from hot naked girls, and all the fun situations you can get into at strip clubs.

For example, we once had this girl on stage pick up the dollars that we put there for her, put those on our laps, and hang face down over the stage into our laps to pick them back up while making a deep vibrating sound that roared through our bodies and left us both tingling hot!

Bringing your lady to a strip club is a lot like taking a puppy to the park:
You both get SO much more attention than when you’re alone, especially when you are sitting at the stage, and a lot more contact is allowed during lap dances.

How to select the right stripper

Not all strippers are equally good with couples, but we discovered the bra-test:

While at the stage, stuff some money down your lady’s cleavage and have the stripper get creative in fishing it out. Not all clubs allow this at the stage, but at the ones that do you’ll be able to tell how much fun the girl will be if you both get a dance from her this way.

During many fun visits we both found out a lot about what we like and don’t like.
In our case, as far as women we both liked: not too skinny, big boobs, upbeat personality and willing to be creative.

When it came to intimate experiences, we both preferred for most of the interaction to be between the ladies, that way jealousy could never ruin the moment.

After a while we got an appetite for more

Buying a lap dance from a stripper is one thing, the hardest part is, well, the good part!
Finding people to do more than that (and for free!) proved to be a lot harder, but no less thrilling.

And so the quest began!