Double dipping at the strip club

The second girl we met online was the craziest of all the ladies we dated.

She actually contacted us; she saw our profile on Adult FriendFinder and thought we’d be fun to hang out with. We talked to Wet-n-Wild (that was her actual screen name on AFF) on the phone a few times, and the conversation soon turned to favorite threesome positions. Hers was where she sits on the guys face so he can lick her pussy, while she’s able to kiss and fondle the other girl who’s riding the guy cowboy style right in front of her.
She called it the Love-bridge. While describing it she admitted she was getting all horny and explained in great detail how she started fingering herself while talking to us on the phone, until her orgasmic scream almost made our speaker phone explode! We knew right there and then we had a winner.

Where our first threesome date used us as a pit-stop on her way to a steady relationship with a guy (poor us), this one had no desire for anything like that and just wanted to have fun without strings attached (again, poor us).

Fighting fire with gasoline

She just liked to meet different men, women or couples at AFF and do her thing. This was exactly what we were looking for, and it didn’t take us long at all to see how much fun we all could have.

And number one in the list of
“Top 10 Signs You’re In For a Very Good Night”:
You date isn’t wearing any underwear!

We were telling her all about the adventures we’ve had at strip clubs, and she couldn’t wait to go.¬† Since all of us were equally devious we soon came up with the following scenario:
We would take her to a club, she would sit between us at the stripper stage with no underwear underneath her short skirt, and we would both take turns secretly fingering her while the strippers did their thing a few feet from us.

Time for some exploring

Once situated at the club we started caressing her inner thighs, but before our fingers hit the jackpot our favorite girl got on stage, and we had to do the bra-test with our new friend!
We put some singles down Wet-n-Wild’s cleavage and the stripper went to town: she bent forward, kissed her neck (which caused her naked nipples to rub all over Wet-n-Wild’s boobs), licked down her breast to the money spot and ripped the bills out with her teeth.
She was blown away, whipped out a tenspot and put that in her bra right above her left nipple.
The stripper gave her a wink and a quick kiss on the mouth before she dove back in there, exposed Wet-n-Wild’s nipple and sucked on it savagely for a couple of seconds before throwing her head back with the ten between her teeth to wild applause from everybody in the club.
Everyone came out a winner from that move, people were throwing dollars at the stage like crazy, and when we got back to our original game plan and started exploring between her legs again we discovered Wet-n-Wild was, well, incredibly wet!

We were all so turned on we didn’t stay long after that and headed straight for the hotel, where we greatly enjoyed our first “Love-Bridge”.