Websites for finding ladies

The Ultimate Strip Club List
Ok, so you likely won’t find anyone here that will hang out with you guys, at least not for free, but it’s one hell of a starting point!
At these clubs you can get your lady addicted to the soft touch of a woman, and get her used to the concept of the three of you being up close and sensual. Don’t forget to apply the bra-test (described in our Blog section)!
This site has excellent reviews and listings for all clubs in your area, or anywhere on the planet for that matter.

Lesbian Nightlife
Finding a lady interested in other girls at a regular bar or club is extremely hard.
So approach it from the other side! This site offers a solid list of lesbian nightlife.
Just click on the Club Guide button on the main menu bar. The descriptions of each place are short, but you can always do a Google search to find out more, at least you’ll know what to look for.


Adult FriendFinder
If we rave about this site over and over it is only because we have actually had a lot of success finding ladies with it!
After you sign up you can search for people with any type of preference, and with over 30 million members you will find a ton of people in your area that meet your search criteria.
It’s free to sign up, easy to navigate, and they have a ton of cool features like the thousands of people on there broadcasting with webcams on any given moment (some nasty, some amazing), the chatrooms, blogs and groups with likeminded people for every area in the world.
The best thing is that everybody on the site is there for a reason, and once you establish contact you can take it further on your own terms.
Adult FriendFinder uses the same database for their 30 other sites, like Asia FriendFinder,, and Gay FriendFinder, to name a few, so we did not bother with those.
To see how much is out there is easy, just sign up for free by going to this link.
Within minutes you’ll be able to browse through the tons of ladies in your area.
Adjusting your search criteria is easy, and you’ll be able to see and read enough about everybody there to know if they’re worth contacting. We upgraded to the gold membership so everybody can see all of our pictures and profile and we can see all of theirs, but you’ll be able to get very far without that.
It’s hard to describe how exciting it is when somebody over there sends you a flirt or indicates they are interested by Adult FriendFinder email, you have to experience it!

These are some of the actual ladies you can find on there at this very moment:

As described on our stories page we actually got booted from this site because we indicated we were married, and they only take single people (yeah, right)…
So if you decide to try it out, hide the fact you are in a relationship already.
We did meet two ladies here before we got kicked out, but didn’t hook up with either one.