The girlfriend experience with a stripper at a club

As I’m writing this I still bask in the memories of last night, when we went to a different strip club than our usual hangout, and ran into a girl that used to work at our usual place.

We had so much fun with her in the past, and she was amazing again, French kissing my wife until we got some stern looks from the bouncer, feeling us both up and purring like a kitten in genuine happiness all the while. We got a few lap dances from her, one with the girls alone and one involving all three of us, an awesome experience! She didn’t even want to take our money for the dances at first, “no, you guys are my friends!”, but we insisted until she took it.

French Kissing

On this site’s main page we described a VIP experience we had a few weeks ago with a girl at our usual club. At one point during those four songs I was French kissing my wife while the completely naked stripper was sandwiched in between us, with everybody feeling up everybody everywhere. One or two of my fingers might accidentally have slipped in and out of the stripper’s pussy while all that went on. As the last song came to an end she said: “and now for the Grand Finale”, grabbed my hand, slit my fingers back in her pussy, then deep-throated those wet fingers and sucked them good.

So while there were no orgasms right there and then (that came later back home of course), and you can argue all you want about whether that counted as a threesome experience, let’s just say both were amazing sexual experiences involving me, my wife and another girl. We’ve had a number of those, we can’t wait to have one again and I can’t blame you if you’ll want one too.

Three things to look for in a strip club

Not every club allows that level of intimacy, so first you want to find one that does. Then it’s a matter of finding strippers that enjoy playing with couples. There are a lot of fun tools that we came up with to determine who’s eligible:

1. The Bra Test
Wait until a girl gets on stage that appeals to both of you, put some money down the cleavage of your wife or girlfriend, and see how creative the stripper is in removing those bills. If your lady acquires a hickey or a trail of lipstick around her nipple in the process you obviously have a winner. But that might not happen right away, and you guys will have to sit through a number of songs with hot naked beauties twirling and grinding the pole right in front of you. I know, it sucks, nobody said this would be easy.

2. Don’t be cheap!
Say you find a stripper that is couple friendly, a ton of fun, but not exactly you or your ladies’ type for some reason. She can still be very useful in attracting fun playmates for you though. Just tell her you’re going to need her help finding the right girl (your type, into women and willing to go far) and make sure you compensate her nicely for her time and effort up front, that way her feelings won’t be hurt (anything over the price of a lap dance will be perfect).

If a suitable prospect is on stage for example, you can stuff a wad of bills in your new ally’s bikini and send her on stage so the other girl can retrieve it. This often leads to a hot lesbian scene, a good indication of what your prospect is willing to do in a private VIP room, and fun to watch!

3. Touching
Generally any strippers that come over and start talking to your lady first are great candidates; it shows they are respectful of your relationship, and into women (otherwise she would not have bothered talking to her first).

The subject of breasts is more than likely to come up, encourage that by putting some money down your girls’ cleavage to retrieve. It will give you a good idea of how playful she’ll be, and money is always a great way to increase a strippers’ interest in the two of you.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Once you find the right girl, money and respect are the two keys to paradise.

If she knows in advance that she’ll make some with you guys that loosens things up considerable. Treating her with respect (other than money) will get you far, you don’t have to become best friends, but things like compliments and Girl Scout cookies have gotten us amazing results!
If you know what you’d like to see or do, just ask and you’ll find out for sure whether it’s an option or not. If you don’t know, ask her to be creative and come up with some wild stuff.

Just make sure all three of you are having fun and are comfortable with what’s going on at all times.

This is also a great way to see what your wife or girlfriend is okay with in a possible threesome situation. Since you’re paying for it, there aren’t so many mental obligations. And it’s a perfect way to expand how far she’s willing to go. Just take it a little further each visit, and make sure she’s well satisfied afterwards as an extra incentive to do it again.