Many couples are looking for a bi-sexual lady / girl / woman that they can have their first threesome experience with. It will easily be one of the coolest thing you’ll ever do, as long as you are well prepared (what to do, location, and of course the right girl to play with).
We’ve been there, done that, are still doing that, and we have some tips that might help. We are an average married amateur couple that is able to have frequent fun dates (and often wild threesomes) with other ladies by looking in the right places and by using common sense.

We will show you how to find a girl for a threesome and everything you can do to make the experience so memorable that they can’t wait to do it again.
Amateur couple blogNow, this is not a site for kids. In our efforts to inform you we’ll have to describe all the dirty details. Threesomes are often all about having the girls make out with hot steamy kisses, enjoying the softness and wetness of their secret places, while the guy is grinding, licking, rubbing and fingering all the breasts, vaginas and nipples he can find. While doing all that you need to keep your head in the game so all parties involved are satisfied without jealousy and other awkward moments.

We’ll only be able to explain how to do that if we properly describe the many wild and crazy situations you’ll find yourself in during the experience. And as you might imagine, privacy and discretion are key when it comes to a threesome, so you won’t find any names, dates or locations here, including ours. But we love to share (pun intended), so we made this site for people that want to do the same.

Having a threesome with another lady is the number one wish for most guys, and you’d be amazed how many women are curious about being with another girl (or already have!)

As we started writing our blog entries we actually said to ourselves how helpful it would’ve been if we had a site like this when we first started our adventures. But we’ve been really lucky with our earlier dates. We found the first ones on Adult FriendFinder, and as with a lot of women on that site they were were already experienced enough to guide us along in the wonderful world of threesome sex. And as we did this more often, certain moves (both physical and conversational) became so natural that we are now finding a number of our dates outside AFF.

Most recently we took a stripper into the VIP booth and had such a fun wild time with her that we were lucky they didn’t kick all three of us out. Lips, fingers and tongues were busy everywhere. When our four songs were up she said how spectacular that was and by her flustered face we could tell she meant it. So we explained in great detail how much more fun she could have with us in a hotel room. We did this by telling stories of what we’d done with ladies in the past. As is the case with stories you tell about spectacular moments that you fondly remember, we were all excited while telling them. She easily got caught up in that excitement and was sold. You’ll read all about it in our blog soon.

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